In just a short 3 years, we have raised tens of thousands of dollars to quickly and sustainably improve the lives of many under-privileged brides and grooms, babies and teenagers, elderly and retirees referred personally through our network.

We have covered urgent medical and dental bills for an elderly woman and funeral expenses for an indigent son. We have quickly sponsored brit milah ceremonies for multiple teenagers and paid for several kallahs’ wedding expenses. We sent bridge funds to pay living expenses for families between bankruptcy and social security payments. We likewise secured no-interest loans and collected clothes and formula for young families awaiting full employment, helping them get back on their feet.


We are a dynamic and growing network of community leaders and funders focused on Special Situations Tzedaka in the Tri-state area.

ASK Gemach was founded by four friends in 2012, filling what we saw as a gaping void in the New York Jewish community’s charity. Unaddressed by large federations and synagogues, as well as most private donors for lack of access and advocacy, tens of thousands of people going through urgent, but temporary “special situations” lack access to bridge funds to get them back to self-sufficiency.

ASK Gemach has  501(c)3 status. To date, fully 100% of the funds raised have gone directly to funding our projects. We are – and have always been - a zero-overhead organization.



 ASK Gemach




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